Navigating CCSF and TSA Regulations

Ensuring Smooth Shipments with Certified Cargo Screening Facilities

TSA CCSF Services

For shippers avoiding Certified Cargo Screener status, opt for a freight forwarder’s Indirect Air Carrier (IAC) or Independent Cargo Screening Facility (ICSF). ICSFs, authorized by TSA, screen cargo for passenger air carriers. TSA-certified facilities under CCSP, enable compliant screening.

Explore additional services including:

Custom Bonded Warehouse and Carrier

TSA Certified Drivers

CCSF - Screening methods: X-ray / K9 / ETD / Physical

Established post-9/11, TSA ensures transportation security and freedom. Responsible for airport security, TSA shifted to Homeland Security in 2003. Employing a risk-based approach, TSA collaborates across sectors, setting standards for excellence in transportation security through people, processes, and technology.


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